Pork & Beans
America’s #1 Pork & Beans since 1909! Van Camp’s Pork & Beans traces its roots back to 1861 when Gilbert Van Camp and his wife Hester opened a family grocery store in Indianapolis, IN where they canned fruits and vegetables. Gilbert’s son, Frank, discovered that their Pork & Beans tasted even better when served hot in tomato sauce. He began to advertise the notion, and an American favorite was born.

Available in 8oz, 15oz, 31oz, 53oz, & 114oz cans

We start with our signature Van Camp’s Pork & Beans, then we liven them up with some extra sweet & savory ingredients.

Available in 28oz cans
A classic recipe… slow-cooked beans with cured bacon, brown sugar, and a secret blend of spices.

Hickory & Bacon
A smoky twist on the original… a natural hickory flavor with cured bacon, sweetened with brown sugar, then finished off with the perfect blend of spices.

Beans with a zing… slow-cooked beans in a tangy tomato sauce with cured bacon and sweetened with brown sugar.

It’s the little can with the funny name, but the serious taste. Beanee Weenee is our signature beans and sauce with sliced hot dogs already added. Beanee Weenee makes a great snack or meal at home or on the go. Comes in five different flavors.
Beanee Weenee – Original
Our signature beans and sauce with sliced hot dogs.

Available in 7.75oz, 10.5oz, and 15.5oz cans.

Beanee Weenee – Baked
Sweetened with Brown Sugar

Beanee Weenee – Barbeque
In a zesty barbeque sauce

Beanee Weenee – Smoked Hickory
A smokey version of the original

Beanee Weenee – Chilee
Our most unique Beanee Weenee Varietee! Pinto Beans in a Chili sauce with sliced hot dogs

Chili with Beans
A southern favorite… Van Camp’s Chili is made with a hearty helping of beef, Van Camp’s pinto beans, and vine-ripened tomatoes, all blended and simmered with a special blend of spices. Van Camp’s Chili is great on its own, as a topping, or in your special dip or casserole.

Available in 15oz cans.

Dark Red Kidney Beans
Perfect for your own chili recipes

Available in 15oz cans

New Orleans Style Kidney Beans
Kidney beans with a kick. Perfect for Jambalaya or any other dish where you’re looking for some added spice.

Available in 15oz cans.